"Many companies have a mission and vision intended to impress customers and show the path where they aim to go. Well, we are not like many companies. That’s why we have a reason to exist and a dream"

    Juan Flores - Co Founder

A Reason to Exist and a Dream

Our reason to exist is to put the most valuable resource of all (time) back into your hands. In a world that demands your attention all too often, we’ll deliver products and innovation that enable you to win back time when traveling.


Our dream is to change industry standards sustainably and serve as an inspiration and role model for ethical, social and environmentally friendly production and commercialization.

A Reason to Exist

HangFold is not about what we do, but much more about how and why we do it. It’s more about a disruptive approach, where we innovate and drive business than it is about the innovative products we create.

Thus, our reason to exist is not what we do, but instead why we do it. We do it for You and for our Planet.

A Dream

HangFold works on a circular economy business model. Thus, HangFold is not only manufactured using recycled materials but its label and B2B boxes are also made using FSC-certified materials and printed with certified sustainable inks.


That would be enough for a company to feel proud, right? But for us, a circular economy is not only about the product and its manufacturing process - it is about the people and the environment which create an inclusive community. 

People, Planet, Product

We put People and the Planet first, right at the core of all our product development. That’s how we do business - that is how “we do well by doing good”.

We have Partners, no Providers

HangFold only partners with companies which share its core values and principles. Therefore, our partners must meet a strict set of quality, sustainable and ethical criteria, including:

Human Rights

Being located in a country where human and employment rights are regulated and respected. And yes, our CEO personally visits their sites and production plants.


Being certified to ISO 14001, the international standard that sets out the requirements for an environmental management system.


Being certified to ISO 9001 – the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system.

"We are proud to have partnered with Inplasor Galicia S.L. in Spain for the manufacture of HangFold. Inplasor has shared our principles since 1997, and holds additional certifications such as the Ecovadis Silver Medal."

Monica Gonzalez - Co-Founder

An Award Winning Company

Developing a business with this ethical and innovative approach is not an easy task, but it is our commitment to society, and we are proud to say that our approach has earned us important recognition and awards even before our products reached the market.

Distributors & Retailers

If you are a Distributor or Retailer, you have found your next big thing in HangFold.

HangFold is nothing like a hanger, nor is it a folding frame. HangFold is both, and more. HangFold heralds a new way of traveling and understanding life.

GBO understood it and gave us the First Prize in the StartUp Awards 2022

Personalization & Branding

Regardless of whether you are an independent dry-cleaning business, a clothing company, or a suitcase manufacturer looking to differentiate your brand from your competition, HangFold offers you a golden opportunity.

IDA saw our innovative Design and granted us an Honourable Mention in 2021.

Madrid (Spain)

HangFold S.L.

Hermosilla, 48 1º Derecha

28001 - Madrid


Zürich (Switzerland)

HangFold GmbH.

Hertensteinstrasse, 51

CH-6004 Luzern


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