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Where is HangFold shipping from?

HangFold produces and ships to from Spain. 

Is HangFold only for shirts?

Absolutely not. You can use HangFold also for dresses, trousers and much more. The anti-slip grooves and the round & C-shapes will perfectly balance and grip your garments.

Can I choose the colors?

Yes! There are two models of HangFold available at this moment:

  • Red and Black – Made out of 76% of Recycled ABS
  • Black & Black – Made out of 100% recycled ABS
Why hangfold’s body is “black”?

The only colour that could be used to dye the recycled plastic is black and at HangFold we are committed to making the best and most sustainable product possible. Thus, the main body of the HangFold brand products will always be black. 

What is HangFold’s size?

You can find the technical data sheet here. Check the Technical data sheet in the Product Page.

How much weight can HangFold handle?

You can find the technical data sheet here. Check the Technical data sheet in the Product Page.

Is HangFold for all clothes sizes?

HangFold is a one size fits all product. We have tested it on multiple garments ranging from XS Women to XXL Man and it always worked!

What is HangFold’s warranty?

The regular warranty for HangFold is 2 years from the moment you receive the product. However, if you ever experience an issue after the warranty has expired, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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