HangFold transforms into a hanger or a frame to perfectly hang or fold your clothes. It saves time packing and unpacking your luggage, and reduces wrinkles!

Your Time is Precious   

HangFold helps you to get your time - and wrinkle-free clothes - back, because, well, it’s 5 pm somewhere and you have better things to do.

Pack to Impress, Not to Press

Whether for business or pleasure, we are often on the move, and that means packing. Trousers, jackets, skirts, shirts… it all has to fit into a suitcase.

We have to go to the closet, pick out the clothes we want to take, unbutton them to remove the hanger, button them back up again, and fold them for packing. 

Meanwhile, we get frustrated because they aren’t folded neatly, and we have to squash them into the suitcase. If that wasn’t enough, they also get wrinkled in the process.

You´ve reached your destination, you open your suitcase and think… “I packed it properly! What happened here?” Sound familiar? We know it does because it’s happened to us.

With HangFold, your clothes are folded neatly, minimizing wrinkles and making it easier to pack your luggage. So it saves time and avoids frustration. 


Unpacking is a breeze — you just shake out your clothes and hang them up.


Innovation to Better Lives

At HangFold, we want to liberate the world from self-imposed limits. We create and develop innovation to improve people’s lives through a very simple philosophy: we do things right or not at all.

We strive to be a role model, and with our commitment to People and the Planet, prove that business can be done differently, and better. As our CEO puts it, “it’s the old “doing good by doing well” quote from Benjamin Franklin, but in tangible travel solutions. Because we all know what it means to do things rights”.

HangFold’s manufacturing is heavily based around recycled materials, although we are also focused on providing all stakeholders with a feeling of equality and inclusivity.

This disruptive business approach has raised some eyebrows, and we have been called “dreamers” more than once. But it seems that there are a lot more “dreamers” like us. 

We have attracted the attention of many stakeholders who recognized us for our innovation and disruptive business model.

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