The Only Travel Hanger You'll Ever Need

Whether it's for business or pleasure, we're traveling more and more often and that means packing and unpacking. Jumpers, trousers, jackets, shirts... everything has to fit in the suitcase.

A good travel hanger will save you space, and time, and give you that extra bit of room you’re always looking for in your suitcase. You can bring these hangers to keep your dress clothes looking fresh and crease-free.

Showing up to a business meeting in a wrinkled shirt or pair of pants is hardly a professional look. With the travel hanger from HangFold, your garments are folded neatly, minimizing wrinkles and saving time and frustration.

With our travel hangers, packing is a breeze, and unpacking is child's play: just pull the hook up and shake the clothes out, and hang them up again.

For your next trip, be ready in 5!

  1. Push the hook down and HangFold becomes a folding frame.
  2. Push the hook down
  3. Fold your garment and pack it up.
  4. Pull the Hook up back up
  5. Shake your garment out and hang it up.

A Travel Hanger designed for busy lives

By not having to pull these travel hangers out from inside the garment, you save a lot of time when packing and unpacking - that's right! If you prefer, the HangFold frame stays inside your garment and you just fold the garment around it.

The thickest part of a folded shirt is the collar. As HangFold is only 7 mm thick, it takes up virtually no space.

HangFold is the result of many years of research and development, and has been granted Spanish patent ES201930024 and protection in over 40 markets.

Being made mostly from recycled plastics, HangFold also helps the environment by reducing plastic waste in our oceans.

A Travel Hanger that minimizes creases

By folding garments to the same size and providing a solid support inside, your garments are better protected, easier to pack and don't crease as easily.

HangFold Technical Features

  • Width in hanger format 38 cm
  • Height in hanger format 19 cm
  • Thickness just 7 mm. Thinner than a smartphone
  • Weight supported on shoulders More than 2 kilograms. A shirt weighs less than 180 grams.
  • Weight supported on trouser bar More than 2.5 kilograms. A pair of jeans weighs around 1 kg.
  • Total weight 67 grams. Less than a T-shirt
  • Width in frame format 30 cm
  • Height in frame format 25 cm

HangFold is manufactured exclusively in Spain

HangFold is produced exclusively in Spain by ISO 9001 and 14001 certified manufacturers with many years of experience, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and sustainability in every HangFold pack.

A Travel Hanger designed for busy lives

HangFold is a product with Spanish patents and protection in over 40 markets.

A Travel Hanger designed for busy lives

HangFold is manufactured almost entirely from certified recycled ABS. This material is commonly used for light switches or computer keyboards and mouse.

An award-winning product and company

HangFold has been awarded First Prize at the StartUp Awards 2022 by GBO and earned an Honorable Mention at the International Design Awards 2021.

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