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It is That Simple!

By simply pushing the hook down, HangFold takes the form of a frame that lets garments be folded around it neatly. 

Then simply pull the hook up again, and HangFold will return to its hanger shape. 

Easy Packing and Easier Unpacking

Designed for Busy Lives

Your time is yours by rights, and at HangFold we understand how important that is. So we engineered HangFold just for you. 

Whether for business or pleasure, we are on the move more and more frequently and that means packing a suitcase. Sweaters, pants, jackets, shirts... everything has to fit in the suitcase. 

Which means we have to go to the closet, pick out the clothes we want to wear, unbutton each item of clothing to remove its hanger, button it back up again and refold it to pack it. In the meantime, we get frustrated because they are not folded neatly, and we have to put them in the suitcase. To top it off, they get all creased in the process.


So, when we get to our destination, we have to go through the process in reverse. This causes even more creases and frustration. We know because it happened to us.


With HangFold, your clothes are folded neatly, minimizing creases and saving time and frustration.  Unpacking is easy: just pull the hook up and shake the clothes out.

Not having to remove garments from the HangFold saves a lot of time when packing and unpacking, so you can fold and unfold your clothes quickly and easily. 

​Light and Sturdy

The trouser bar can support more than 3 kg. (~6.6 lbs); however, a pair of jeans weighs around 1 kg. (~2.2 lbs).

The shoulder area can support more than 2.5 kg. (~5.5 lbs); however, a man’s shirt weighs less than 180 grs. (~6.34 oz.)

HangFold is only 7 mm (~0.27”) thick (less than a smartphone) and takes up virtually no space.

HangFold weighs less than 67 grs. (~2.36 oz.), which is less than a T-shirt.

Patented in over 40 markets
Patented in over 40 Markets
Manufactured in Spain by ISO 9001 and 14001 Certified Partners
Produced with Recycled ABS
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